Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sharing a Smile: Happy First Day of Summer...

...and a big Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there!  I've been blessed with a wonderful Dad and a terrific husband who is the best Dad to our kids.

It's been unseasonably cool here and I am ready for some summer heat.  I know I'll regret those words come August, but I really love having seasons and I don't mind a little heat after the cold winter we had this year.

So, speaking of summer, here is a great watercolor of a VW bug and surfboard to put us in the mood.  Craftberry Bush puts out some of the cutest printables and is so generous in sharing some of those as free downloads.  Check out this cutie!

She is offering it as a free download until June 30th.  Be sure and check out her blog for other awesomeness.  I always look forward to her monthly calendars to use as the image on my desktop--here is the June calendar:

Enjoy this longest day of the year and give those Dads in your lives a big hug and thank you!

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