Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Pinterest Projects I Actually Completed: Lighted Fall Tree

Good morning!  It is cool and cloudy here and that is a WELCOME relief from the heat we've had recently.  I haven't totally decorated for fall around here, but I did get a new football-themed doormat (How 'bout those Aggies!!!) and a little black and white plaque for the front porch.  My fall wreath is a favorite I've had for a few years and I just love it.

I had seen this lighted fall tree project on facebook and thought it would be an easy and cute DIY.

I started with a tomato cage I had in my shed and a string of white lights.  The lights came from Hobby Lobby (the amount of Christmas gear they have out is mind-boggling).  I just wired them to the cage, using floral wire:

Next, I took one tall "autumnal-looking" floral pic and stuck it in the middle of the cage.  I wired it to a couple of the light strand wires.  Then, I took two fall leaf garlands, also from Hobby Lobby (and on sale, of course) and wired them to the cage. 

After re-arranging the garlands a few times, I moved it to the front porch.  I will probably add some more leaves to fluff it out, because I can rarely leave well enough alone.  Dollar Tree has some short leaf garlands and I think 3 or 4 more should do the trick.  

This was a short and easy fall DIY and I can use it through Thanksgiving.  It adds a sweet little glow to the porch in the evening.  I LOVE fall!  My pinterest board by the same name  has some serious autumn scrumptiousness--lots of DIY crafts, mantel decorating ideas, fall porches and serious eye candy.  Check it out and follow it to see the new pins I'm adding every day from around the blog world.   I'm sharing this on the Moonlight & Mason Jars Linky Party,  Go check out all the Fall lovelies on this great blog!

 Here's the next DIY project I'm contemplating:

via Home Stories A to Z

I'd love to hear about some of your favorite fall DIY projects!  Are you already bringing out the leaves and pumpkins?  Thank you for reading--let me know what you think!

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