Sunday, October 7, 2018


I had a birthday last week.  Not a big birthday.  Not one of those that end in a zero and feel like a step into a new stage of life. But this day, like most birthdays, made me pause and remember the year past. 

Did we dream audacious and outrageous dreams together?

Did we make the space for each other to travel toward those places that seemed so out of reach?

That’s my job as a mama and a wife.  To be the dream catcher.  To catch the bad dreams and watch them disappear in the light of day.  To keep the good dreams and help them become real.  To believe in a bigger reality.  To believe in hope.

This year we have added new ventures, moved on to new places, stopped doing old things and started doing new ones.  All of us.  We have helped each other grow and cheered each other on.  We’ve held hands during disappointment and listened to each other while we worked through some tough decisions. 

This is what family does.  This is what I dreamed of when our family grew.  To be a launching pad for new adventures and a soft place to land.  In this world that can be so hard and unforgiving, I want our home to be a refuge.  I want it to be a place to be honest and raw, but to know we are always loved.  Always. 

Our faith in our heavenly Father; our hope in all that is possible; our love for each other, for others, for Him.  These are the things that made the past year a success.  These are the things that make me look forward to another year.  "And now these three remain:  faith, hope and love.  But the greatest of these is love."

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