Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Pinterest Projects That I Actually Completed-#1

I love Pinterest!  Remember the bad old days of tearing out pages from magazines for ideas?  Or trying to surreptitiously take a photo (with an actual camera!) of a project at a craft store--not that I ever did that...

The only problem with Pinterest is that I pin TONS of ideas and don't really execute on many of them.  So, I thought I'd share some of the ones I have finished and I hope it will motivate me to complete some more of my faves.

Bicycle Wheel Photo Display

This was super easy and basically free.  We had an old child's bike of my son's that had a couple of busted inner tubes and repairing it was going to cost more than the bike was worth.  I had seen this project posted various places on blogs and I had pinned it to my personal board.  The only hard part was getting all the grease and ball bearings out of the center and cleaning it.  Some people left the wheel as is and some tried to remove paint and finish in order to make it look really vintage. 

 I chose to paint mine with oil-rubbed bronze spray paint and hung it on our wall with a large screw mounted into a stud.  I had scanned some of my favorite black and white family photos and printed those out on photo stock.  I cut them out with craft scissors and hung them up with tiny clothes pins from the craft store.  Here's how it looks in our living room:

I can't center the television because the cable box is too tall to fit under the television, so, this little wheel helps fill up the blank space above the box and wire basket for the remotes.

I hope this easy project inspires you to finish some of your own favorite pins!


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