Sunday, March 29, 2015

This is the Day--Psalms 118

My husband loves "scenic overlooks".  Me?  I'm terrified of heights and would prefer to stay in the car with my eyes closed, trying to remember my Lamaze breathing techniques from our parenting classes.  He still makes me get out and I'm always glad he does.  That view--that glorious forever view--reminds me that this world is grand.  That life is grand.  And not just the special days--the day of your wedding and the day you bring your babies home.  Every day is grand.  The days filled with laundry and dishes and tedious tasks that make you doubt that you were ever destined to do anything special.  Especially those days.  Because those are the hard days and the ones where we most need to rejoice and be glad.  

I printed out this photo of the Sacramento Mountains and that Word of Truth and placed it in the window over my kitchen sink.  It's where I scrub dirty dishes and think about my to-do list and pray for my family and friends.  And in those small and not-so-small things, I hope this photo will remind me that this grand day was a gift--and I will rejoice and be glad in it.

The above photo was edited with Waterlogue and WordSwag
 I hope you save it, share it, print it and take it to heart.


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