Saturday, April 11, 2015

Be Brave

I love podcasts.  I listen to all kinds--they inspire me, educate me, entertain me and open my eyes to the world in new ways every day.  I recently discovered Michael Hyatt's podcast and have been listening to some older episodes.  This one, called Avoid the Drift, stopped me in my tracks.  The first two questions he suggested every leader should answer weren't anything I haven't heard before.  The 3rd one, though---what brave thing will you do TODAY?  Today?  I think we usually think of bravery as something soldiers do or missionaries or teachers in inner city schools.  But me?  A brave thing today?

And as I listened to his two examples, one a really big, possibly career changing decision and one do-the-right-thing decision, I thought about my friends and family--my people--who do brave things every day.  Serving in the military, working with convicts transistioning to the outside, teaching, fighting cancer, raising our kids in the crazy culture we live in:  all of these are BRAVE things they do every day.  Little and big, these decisions impact us, our families and the world around us.  Our leadership matters and our decisions matter, sometimes more than we think.  

So, friends, what brave thing will you do TODAY?

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