Saturday, April 18, 2015

Take It To The Limit One More Time

Boundaries.  Fences.  Guideposts and playbooks for our lives.  They seem so solid and immovable and final.  But what if they're wrong?  What if--just what if?--they're not our limits but someone else's?

We had a survey done this week on some land we own.  It's been in the family a few decades and over the years fences have been built and corner posts poured in concrete based on the limits and boundaries handed down by previous owners.  But when the surveyor crew came out, we discovered that two of the corners weren't right.  I drove out and saw that small wooden stake standing outside the imposing iron and concrete post,  Just a step further and one foot over the line.

How many times have I not gone past my own (real or imagined) limits?  How many times have I thought I couldn't do something based on someone else's idea of who I should be or what I was capable of doing?  How many times have I imposed boundaries on someone else?  You know those words, meant to help us know our place.  Many times they're spoken in love, but sometimes they're spoken in fear and jealousy.  It's hard to dismiss limits that come from those we love and respect and they become part of the inner conversation in our hearts--you can't do that, that's not your talent, what if you fail?  

We get bogged down in those words and we set our lives in concrete, knowing our place based on someone else's idea of what our limits are.  The next time you hear those words in your heart or from someone else's lips, think hard about whose boundaries they are.  You could discover that your world  might be a little bigger than you thought.

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