Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Pinterest Projects I Actually Completed: Junk Gypsy-Inspired Chicken-Wire Chandelier

Chicken-Wire Chandelier for "The Getaway"

My inspiration:

Junk Gypsy Dream Catcher Chandelier--on sale now for $139,99!

I have written before about my love for all things Junk Gypsy and their Pottery Barn Teen Collection.  Their chandelier was very similar to one I've had on my Pinterest board for a while, so, I thought I'd give it a whirl.
Chicken Wire Pendant

I started with a garden basket from the Dollar Tree, some chicken wire I had at the house and floral wire.

I took the chains off of the basket and turned it upside down and 
began wiring chicken wire to the outside.

The pinterest inspiration piece had a double layer of chicken wire, but I opted for a single layer because I planned on adding some jewelry pieces to it and wanted to keep it simple at this point.  Next, I took the chains that had come with the basket and cut them down in order to create a little crossbar in the top middle hole for the light fixture to clip to.  I ended up using zip ties to tie it to the chains.

You can find the light kit a lot of places--mine came from Amazon:
Hanging Light Bulb Cord with 15' foot extension and on/off switch

I took the light bulb kit back out at this point so I could spray paint the fixture.  A few minutes, a low hanging branch and my favorite oil-rubbed bronze spray paint and we were good to go.
available at most hardware stores or at amazon

The hardest part is waiting for the paint to dry!

When the paint's dry, you can start adding your pretties.  I got mine at Michael's the same day I bought the materials for my cuff.  There are so many charms and jewels to choose from at Michael's, Etsy, Amazon and other bead stores that the only thing limiting you is your imagination.  I took a turquoise bracelet piece with 4 stones and took it apart.  Then I wired them evenly around the fixture.  I purchased 3 packages of double wings and took the 6 pieces and spaced them evenly around the bottom of the chandelier so they would hang down like the copper feathers in the Junk Gypsy PB piece.  I thought about adding some crystals to the top and I might at some future point, but, for now, I am happy with my little chandy.

An Edison Bulb and we're done!

In the background you can see the storage shed that is slated to become "The Getaway".  I'm hoping to wrangle some free child labor this weekend to clean it out and take things to store in our warehouse so that I can begin painting the orange-y paneling and making it into a fun gathering area.  More on that to come!

$8 in jewelry, $1 flower pot, $12 light fixture plus chicken wire and paint--$22

So, what do you think?  Should I add some crystals to my little turquoise beauty? 

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