Saturday, August 8, 2015

Walk to Save Oak Flat--Be Brave Saturday

Sally Noedel and Emma Bigongiari
These two ladies are walking from Bainbridge Island, Washington to Oak Flat, Arizona, to raise awareness for Representative Raul Grijalva's bill to repeal section 3003 of the Defense Appropriation Act.  Named the "Save Oak Flat Act", it would stop the land swap of the Oak Flat area to the Resolution Copper mining company who intend to mine it for copper, using block cave techniques.  This would result in a massive crater, ruining the land for the animals who live in it, the people who come there for recreation and the Native American tribes who consider it sacred.

These ladies have set up a great website:  It has tons of great information about the issue itself and how to help and get involved.  It's a great resource for sharing with your friends about the #saveoakflat movement.

Sally and Emma are planning to arrive in Oak Flat on August, 20.  I wish them safe travels and blessings on their journey.
Mural in Logan, Utah

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