Saturday, January 23, 2016

Be Brave Saturday: Breaking Free

I saw this beautiful iron work today at the college campus in our town.  The gates and bars are wonderfully wrought and bring a certain beauty to a very utilitarian structure.  As I looked at them, I began to think about the gates and bars we keep on our own hearts and minds.  We put them up, piece by piece.  Curl them around our fears and bend them around our shortcomings.  We mold them into a piece of art that with enough time can come to resemble a certain severe beauty.

There is beauty in structure and beauty in order.  But the carefully curated protection we give ourselves can turn out to be just gates and bars.  We fool ourselves into thinking they have always been there, have always been a part of who we are.  Ask any young child if he is a singer and he'll say "Yes!"  and proceed to sing you his favorite song.  Ask any child if she is an artist and she'll show you her latest masterpiece with pride.  When do we stop believing these things about ourselves?  When do we start putting up the barriers to our hearts and living in narrow confines of who we can be and what we can do?

Today, and everyday, think twice when you tell your heart "You can't do that."  Open those beautiful gates and soar.  Today and everyday.

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