Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Pinterest Projects I Actually Completed: Simple Vintage Valentine's Decorating

alt="valentines day tablescape"

Vintage typewriters, blue glass Ball jars, daisies and old-fashioned Valentine's Day postcards--just the right ingredients for a simple and sweet vignette.

I've had this pin on my Valentine's Day pinterest board since last year and I decided that I needed to get moving or it was going to be another year before I completed this one!
alt="Beatle's Love Me Do printable"

I dug out the old typewriter I bought at a garage sale years ago and cleaned it up.  All three of our kids have loved typing on it and it actually worked at one time.  One of the little darlings got a little ambitious with the White-Out and applied it to the keys as well as their paper.  I still have some scraping to go, but I wanted to put this together to show you.

alt="typewriter heart printable"

Nobiggie.net has this adorable download of the lyrics to "Love, Love Me Do" in the shape of a heart.  It's an easy printable and you just roll it into your typewriter's feed.  I only wish my Royal was that luscious turquoise of her Smith Corona!

I added two vintage blue Ball jars to my metal serving basket and filled them with $5 worth of grocery store daisies.  Roses are pricey this time of year and I loved the contrast of the simple white daisies and the blue glass.
alt="metal basket blue ball jars daisies"

To even out the tablescape, I made a little piece of art.  I found these super cute vintage postcards at our local Barnes and Noble:
alt="vintage valentines day postcards"

I took a couple of pieces of scrapbook paper I had on hand and layered them to create a double-mat effect for the postcard.  I've had this frame forever and I display all kinds of holiday art and printables.

alt="valentines day vintage art"

This is a sweet little picture and may end up getting moved to another part of the house.  I have an idea for a wood block art piece that's not quite as precious, but I haven't worked out the details.  I need to go scavenging in our warehouse for some "stuff" to make it.  There are plenty of unchecked entries on my current to do list, so, this may be all the decorating I do for this particular holiday.  ;-)

This was a fun and easy little tablescape to put together.  Hope you enjoyed it!  I would love to hear how (or if!) you decorate for Valentine's Day!

alt="Valentines Day typewriter printable daisies vintage postcard"

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