Thursday, April 21, 2016

He Said, She Shed: Ideas for My Getaway Shed

Ella Claire's Beautiful Retreat
The warmer weather has me looking outdoors and eyeing our outbuilding for a make-over.  It's time and I can't wait to sort out the "stuff" and make it a space for creating.  Or napping.  Whatever.

It's time to tackle the She-Shed!

Here are some ideas from my Pinterest board for my Getaway Shed.

from House Beautiful
I love this light and bright artist studio.  And it's so organized!!

from Kloter Farms
This pink reading nook is perfect for a lazy afternoon (link has great DIY tips!)

from link for more stunning sheds!
It's always been a dream of mind to take pottery lessons.
A backyard pottery studio would be heaven!

from Finding Silver Pennies
I love the natutical theme of this shed.  I could close my eyes and hear the ocean...

from Finding Silver Pennies

And if you want to know how to get that shiplap look,
she has a tutorial over at the Home Depot blog.

from the Little Yellow Bicycle

Love the space and the name of the blog.

from Studio 5
As much as I like looking at the white interiors, I think I want a little more color in mine.  
This more whimsical one from Studio 5 caught my eye.

Home Sweet Treehouse
And, of course, I couldn't resist the Junk Gypsy sister's treehouse makeover.  
I kinda love it.

Do you have a backyard retreat?  I'd love to hear about some of your ideas!
Sometimes, we just need to get away!

100 Things 2 Do

Remember to check out my Pinterest board for more inspiring shed ideas!


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