Friday, August 19, 2016

Giddy Up, Eunice: A Call for Women to Stand Up With and For Each Other ( A Review)

"Don't you dare discount your importance, your influence or your calling."  This quote by Sophie Hudson in her latest book, "Giddy Up, Eunice" is a wake-up call to Christian women of all ages.  The tag line of the title says it best:  because women need each other.  This gentle and funny book will draw you in but also challenge you to rethink your influence and need for mentorship.   So, like Sophie said, "Saddle up, sister. This is going to be fun."

Reading Sophie Hudson's writing or listening to her on her podcast with Melanie Shankle is always a delight for me.  Her Mississippi drawl, pop culture references and love of SEC football are what drew me to her in the first place, but her love of Jesus and His church are what keep me coming back.  I don't know if you keep up with all the gloomy news about the American church, but it isn't good. Rather than getting lost in the the finger-pointing and blaming going on, I think we just need to get back to what the church does best--building a community of believers and nurturing one another in the growth of that faith and belief.  That's not a one hour a week thing;  it takes relationship.  It takes people of different ages working together, learning together, breaking bread together and living life together.

The stories of three pairs of women:  Elizabeth and Mary, Naomi and Ruth, and Lois and Eunice, show just how the Holy Spirit can use intergenerational relationships for His glory.  Mary needed someone who understood her, Naomi and Ruth needed each other for survival and redemption and Lois and Eunice worked together to build up faith in the next generation.  The title character, Eunice, doesn't get a lot of space in the Bible, but that's sort of the point.  Lots of us mamas feel like we've become somewhat invisible.  We've taught Sunday School and VBS and been choir mother at church.  We've served on the PTA boards and been room moms and been chaperones on field trips.  As our children grow older, we feel less needed and get to the point where we think we've finished our race.  A friend of mine and I joke sometimes about the Barna church research and the "nones" (no church affiliation).  We call ourselves the "dones".  We're burned out and tired out and don't really see a place for us in church.  That's not really true, but it sure feels that way sometimes.

This place--this worn out place-- is where mentorship is so important.  We most certainly aren't the first women to feel this way.  And I bet if we look around us, we can see ladies who have walked this path and are willing to walk alongside of us and show us how to move on to the next stage of kingdom work.  We're blessed with strong Christian women at our church of all ages and when I've had "enough", I see them.  I see them serving and working year after year.  I see them showing up for their friends and for people they don't even know.  That's what I want and that's what I need them to teach me and remind me.

Looking behind at the upcoming generation, I know they need to see relationships with us old-timers, too.  So many people think working with teens is hard.  And, I'm here to tell you that they're right.  I've taught youth Sunday School off and on and it is absolutely terrifying.  A class full of three year olds, glue bottles and a tub full of glitter is a cakewalk compared to trying to get a conversation going some mornings.  But it's worth it--so worth it.  I am so thankful to the adults who have poured their time into my kids' lives.  There is this quote in the book,"...wherever you have influence with the generation behind you, start investing.  Pray that the Lord will help you find the folks He'd like for you to encourage."  If you don't want to teach Sunday School or work with large groups of teens, fine.  Look for that one that the Lord has put in your life and reach out to them.

I loved this book and am in the process of reading it again.  This would be an excellent starter book to read for an multi-generational ladies small group.  Look forward and look back---find those people God has put in your life to learn from and encourage.  Giddy up.

Full disclosure:
*I received a copy of this book for being a part of the book launch team.  My opinions are my own.
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  1. Great review. I agree with you that this book will make a great Women's Group study. :-)

    1. :-) I would love to read this with a group of ladies of all ages and get their take on it!

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