Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Trailer Talk Tuesday: Second Edition (1967 PlayMor 140)

Here is Jolene in all of her pre-renovation beauty.  We got her bonded title and registration done and she has legal Texas tags now.  Yea!  Another thing that Jolene didn't come with was a key to the door.  It's just a regular house door knob and you would think one of the TONS of keys we have would have fit it.  That would have been a simple fix, but nothing's simple, is it?

We had her parked on the side of the house and someone (I have my suspicions, but no one is 'fessing up) turned the knob from the inside and locked it.  We tried the windows and even crawling through the area where the spare tire is stored, but no dice.  Pop-A-Lock came to the rescue and even installed a new door knob for free because he said the old one was "jickey".  Side note:  Is "jickey" a west Texas word or has anyone else ever heard of it?

We now have two keys and we decided to pull her into the garage to start the reno.  We measured and eyeballed and Jolene is about 2 inches too tall to fit.  My husband came up with the ingenious idea to let some air out of the tires and my son had the equally ingenious idea to stand on her bumper and pull her down just a bit more.  My job was to stand on the ladder and yell if I thought he was going to run her into the top of the garage.   (We all have our talents.)

Here are some photos and  I apologize for the blurriness.  I used my nice camera, but didn't notice how blurry they were until I downloaded them this morning (may be time for another visit to the optometrist...)

We let a little air out of the tires...

...and now there's a little daylight between the camper and door...

So, with the flat tires and 140 lb. weight on the back, we were able to squeeze her in our garage and get to work.
Still a tight squeeze!

See those super fancy black racing stripes?  Electrical tape.  Little sister's job was to pull that off.  Mr. Blue Jeans and Turquoise and I started pulling off the painted tape over the seams so we could see what was under there.  The metal seems to be in good shape, so, we're going to clean up the seams, buff the metal  and re-caulk, instead of taking it apart.  I think the paint used was just latex, so, I'm going to try my favorite paint stripper to remove that lovely paint job:
purchase here

My husband is not convinced it will be that easy.  My plan B is an electric wheel and wire wheel attachment.

I found this great tutorial on painting a vintage camper at whippycake.com.  You HAVE to go see the vintage camper she's redone!

She's supposed to post again about the interior renovation and I can't wait to read it!

After we assessed the exterior and pulled off the black tape, we got to work on the inside.  Big brother was in charge of removing the shag carpeting stapled to the walls.  Fortunately, the carpet on the floor was just laid in there.

Again--sorry for the fuzzy images!  I blame the shag carpet.  It hurt my eyes.

Once we got the carpet out, the walls seem to be in good shape.  A little wood filler and paint and we should be fine there.  

Under the carpet we found this:

This vinyl sheet was glued down really well, but it wasn't anything my trusty heat gun and scraper couldn't take care of.  I got most of it removed and the plywood floor is very sound.  We have some leftover flooring that the previous homeowner had installed in our kitchen and laundry room and we plan to install it over the plywood.  It's vinyl plank wood flooring and is light weight.  In our house it has held up well to water, dirt and traffic.  Here's a similar flooring being installed on the Bob Vila website:


My design plan (my, didn't that sound fancy!) is warm white cabinets and backsplash and a wood floor.  Here's my inspiration pic:


Here's another flooring option I considered.  If we didn't have the flooring already, I would be very torn between wood and this vinyl floor cloth:
she looks pretty happy about it

I also jumped ahead a little and purchased a little 8x10 piece of art for Jolene.  Every home needs art--even the tiny ones!


Can't wait to make some more progress on the interior and share it with you.  Happy Tuesday, friends!

For more camper inspiration, check out my Pinterest board!

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  1. Love it! All of it. When you all put your brilliant minds together, things get done! And the Dolly pic... *sigh* I'm so jealous...

    1. Thank you!! I'm super excited to get this sweet little gem finished and start using it as my getaway/writing studio in the back yard!

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