Friday, September 23, 2016

Sharing a Smile: Edie Wadsworth's "All The Pretty Things"

each chapter title is a classic country song 

I've mentioned on my facebook page and on Instagram that I was part of the launch team for Edie Wadsworth's new book, "All The Pretty Things".  It's published by Tyndale and this is what they have to say about it:  

'This raw and heartbreaking story shines with truth  and light, as Edie struggles with the wound of fatherlessness that has left her untethered and unspoken for.
This is the searing story of Edie’s soul-searching journey out of the rubble of her childhood, through the devastating choices of her adulthood, and into a life of healing and forgiveness that she never dreamed possible.  Against all odds, she finds strength to confront her past and finally encounters the love of her true Father on the long road home."
The thing that most struck me about Edie's book (and in the conversations she had with the launch team) was the tenderness and love she extended to her family in the telling of the neglect and poverty of her childhood.  It's a hard story to read and I know it was a hard story to write.  Yet, never once does it seem that she was bitter or angry towards her father or his family.  The grace she extends to him and the rest of her family is real.  She doesn't gloss over the details--they are just as real as the redemption she found when she turned to her heavenly Father and the abundance of His love.
Being a part of this launch team was truly a blessing.   Edie is a generous soul and shared so much with us about the writing process and the publishing industry as it pertained to her book.  She was incredibly giving of her time in having weekly live book club discussions and even threw a launch party & square dance!  
I've learned in life that I need to surround myself with people who reflect light.  There are those people in the world who are positive and open and make you want to be like that, too.  Even though I don't know Edie personally, her giving spirit and her ability to love and forgive are what draw you to her.  She is a treasure and I'm glad I've gotten to know her a little better.  I hope you'll take to time to read this wonderful memoir and get to know her, and maybe even yourself,  a little better, too.

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