Wednesday, May 27, 2015

O There Are Ten Thousand Charms

Peace and rest are in short supply this time of year.  Every mama I know is ready for school to be out and hurrying up summer in their hearts.  We complain about May being the busiest time of year--"even worse than Christmas!"-but we know every month is the same mix of appointments and games, lessons and contests, recitals and homework.  As my not-so-little ones remind me of what grade they'll be in next year, I just want to stretch this last week of school out.  Just a little longer.  Just one more chance to have that conversation in the car, that after school treat. that whispered confidence about a friend or a crush.

But time doesn't stand still and there are new memories to be made.  And in the busy-ness of the summer plans and daily schedules, I know I have not scheduled the most important thing.  I have not made the time--found the time--embraced the time--I need with the Lord.  Time set aside and deemed special because of the importance of what I will be doing with it.  I am teaching my children what means the most to me with my use of time just as surely as with my words.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, than surely my action is worth ten thousand.

In my reading this morning, I came across this new Bible study--She Reads Truth.  The app is free (there are in-store purchases, if you want) and you can choose to dive right in to the Bible or go with several different devotional/Bible studies.  You can be as engaged with the community as you want, or you can just read it and savor it all to yourself.  Just take the time--take it and hold it close and rest in His arms-to steady your heart and comfort your soul in time spent with Him.

Michael Card from his Starkindler album

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