Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Reading Departure Signs in Some Big Airport

There's something so exciting to me about an airport.  I love reading the departure and arrival signs and thinking of the places I've enjoyed and the places I've never seen.  Hope and anticipation add a spark to daydreams about travel to new places and a dash of romance to our remembrances of favorite spots.  The orderly lists of cities and countries and the schedule for those lucky ones heading out make me want to chuck my calendar and dayplanner and commitments and hop on a plane far away from it all.

But what if that calendar and dayplanner were our departure board?  What if, instead of keeping us grounded, they sent us soaring?  So much of my time is taken up with small ventures, but I am in need of a grand adventure.  And as all great travellers know, you need to pack light and plan right.

We'll always have the small ventures--the errands and tasks and dailiness.  It's what we do when we're living, but we need to leave time for LIFE. How will I go where my heart is leading me if I don't include it in my plans?  Right there, next to the reminder to pick up the drycleaning needs to be the reminder to write from the heart and share your soul.  After the dance recital should be the space to dance with your love and be the young ones you once were.  The day after the music concert should bring time to do what makes your soul sing.  Don't plan your day within a minute of it's life.  Leave room around the margins and right smack-dab in the middle for what really matters.

Drilling our commitments and schedules and must-dos down to the bare essential is hard work. No one wants to say "no" all the time.  No one wants to disappoint their friends and co-workers.  But there are only 168 hours in a week and even if you are the most efficient and organized person on earth, you cannot add a single hour.  So, when are you scheduling YOU?  When are you saying "This is my time to work on my goals and build my dream."  A full schedule and plans that have been made for you, instead of by you, are a sure way to make sure those goals and dreams never happen.  Packing light and planning right is the only way to make sure you give your life a chance.

Departure signs or your to-do-list.  It's your choice in what schedule you want to follow.  Me?  I want to live a little bigger, even if I never leave town.

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