Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Pinterest Projects That I Actually Completed: DIY Canvas Pinboard

Well, little sister and I finally got the pinboard made and decorated.  It was super easy--here's how we made it.

We started with a canvas.  She had painted it in an art camp a few years back, but wasn't particularly attached to it.  In other words, it did not bring her joy a la Marie Kondo, so, we felt free to alter it.

Bye, bye, purple Jackson Pollack-ish painting.  Thank you for your service!
We flipped the canvas over and cut foam board to fit between the wood stretchers.  There was enough from the one piece of foam board to make two layers:

You should have enough clearance to wedge it under the wood and that will keep it together, as well as making the canvas on the front taut.  (That's a great word, isn't it?  Taut.  Note to self:  Must use it more often.)

But I digress...  Now you're ready to make it pretty.  Little sis picked out a hot pink canvas type material.  If you're using an old canvas that is painted, you'll want a fabric with some heft to it so the paint won't show through.  The heavier material is also better for holding the pins.

Place the fabric right side down on your cutting surface.  Place the canvas, right side down on top of the fabric, lining up any patterns like you want them.

Next, follow these delightful directions, complete with awesome photos, on how to finish wrapping the fabric around the canvas.  Do not, as I did, do it willy-nilly (note to self:  add this word to "use more often" list).  Fortunately, my sweet hubby helped out with the staple gun and prevented me from having to go purchase more fabric.  Love him!

You can leave the canvas as it now is, or you can hotglue ribbon around the edges to give it a more finished look.  Lil' sis chose navy ribbon with hot pink anchors.
We have less than $10 in the pinboard with coupons, discounts and using what we already had, so, this was a great budget DIY for her room.

Here is the finished product over her little make-up desk!

Here room is complete and I'll share pictures of the whole room later this week.  Hope you all have a beautiful day!

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