Tuesday, July 14, 2015

I've Always Been Crazy or How I Got Talked Into A Second Tween Room Makeover

So, I'm a sucker for my kids.  And I'm a sucker for a room makeover, so, it didn't really take little sister too much time to talk me into redoing her room this summer.  When we first moved in, we repainted the plain white walls pink so we could re-create the room she had in our old house.  That worked for about a year.  Then she sweet-talked her Dad into painting the room a more neutral color while we were painting the hallway and her brother's room.  And, of course, if you give a mouse a cookie, she is going to want new accessories and maybe even a new bedroom set.

Fast forward all of two years and little one decides the hipster type room she was dying to have doesn't go with the preppy look she really loves more than life itself (which looks suspiciously like the room she had at the old house, but whatevs...)  I agreed to spend a minimal amount on bedding and a new floor rug, plus some cute DIY crafts, if she was ready to pack up the toys she wanted to keep and give a significant amount of stuff away to charity.  She came through on the charity portion, plus a couple of large trash bags full of stuff headed to the dumpster.

After the clean out, little sister and I:

One reason we love this house, even though it's a pretty ordinary 1980s ranch style home is that the bedrooms are HUGE.  This desk is actually a dining room table that seats 6.  She has tons of room to spread out for art or craft projects or LEGOs or whatever she wants to do.  The pegboard holds her duct tape, scissors, and tins filled with little odds and ends.

We lined the large double bookcase with wrapping paper from TJ Maxx.  I'm still not sold on the hot pink, but it's a quick fix if I decide to change it out for a more muted green gingham check I bought the other day at Hobby Lobby.  We've got journals, art paper and scrapbook paper organized in the paper sorter and the white baskets from Target, plus her seashells and other collections have a place, too.

This is a little vintage child's desk we bought for her way back when and she uses it for her nail polish collection and a place to put on a little bit of make-up in the mornings.  The lamp is from Target and the pinboard is an easy DIY.  We special ordered the blue whale/monogram vinyl piece from a cute etsy shop--I was very pleased with the quality and easy application process.  The fun decorative touches made a sweet little vanity area for her.

We hung the tennis racket art above a small bookcase next to her vanity area.  The galvanized tin hardware sorter spins and keeps little loose ends tidy.  

The bedding is from overstock.com and the lobster pillow is from Target  (doesn't seem to be available right now).  We hung little Japanese lantern lights under the top bunk so she can read at night.  She also has an IKEA Dignitet wire hanger running the length of the bed where she can hang photos, quotes and anything that strikes her fancy.

We put this pretty outdoor rug down in the middle because it gets a lot of traffic and her cat has been known to sharpen her claws on throw rugs (grrrrr..)  It's not super soft, but it's easy on the feet as far as outdoor rugs go.

The absolute best part of this room was doing it with her and making it all about the little girl she is and the young woman she is becoming.  I think this room will grow with her and it gives her a space to enjoy and just be herself--and that is perfect, in my book.

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