Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Independence Day Mantel & Free Printable

A Quick Fourth of July Mantel

We've had a busy morning!  The kids and I got in from a road trip to see my parents late last night and big brother had to meet to march with the band in our hometown parade at 6:30.

We dropped him off, did a little flag work for his scout troop (a fundraiser) and then headed to the parade.  It was inspiring to see so many people lined up to support our veterans groups, high school bands and other civic groups in the parade.  

There are lots of things to do after the parade-quite the festival- but we headed home to get some rest.  While my husband was flipping through various war movies on the t.v., I fluffed our living room mantel with things I had around the house.  The flags were purchased this morning from a cub scout pack for $1 each and the rest of the things were "shopped" from around the house:
  • a galvanized bucket with a glass jar inside filled with marbles to hold the flags
  • a battery-powered pillar candle and stand
  • bell jar filled with seashells
  • photo of our kiddos
  • piece of coral from a favorite trip
  • picnic basket--awesome find at a church yardsale
  • and a super cute printable from My Fabuless Life that I just printed out on card stock and popped on to a clipboard 
Don't you just love talented and generous people!

Now for a little lunch, (hopefully) a nap and then out to our land this evening to set off fireworks.  Hope everyone has a safe and happy Fourth of July!

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