Thursday, October 15, 2015

Sometimes All It Takes Is A Little Slush Monkey

or a Slurpee for you non-West Texas folks

So, we're getting a new storm door.  And we are installing it ourselves.  And by we, I mean my sweet, can-do-anything husband.  After taking down our old "tarnished gold" door (which does not have the same connotation as "antique bronze"), we picked out an almond colored door that matches our trim and has a hideaway screen.  Exactly two windows in our house open and I love being able to have fresh breezes in the house (especially when I cook bacon for breakfast.)

As most DIY projects go, this one was taking a lot longer than planned and may or may not have involved some less than patient and loving words between a husband and his bride.  I left to take the kids to choir practice and gave my dear one the helpful advice to "Chill" as I drove off.  I  was filling my car with gas and the banner for this frozen treat called to me  (the "chill" thing might have had something to with it...).  I decided it was the perfect peace offering, so, I took one back to my hard-working handyman.  

Walking up to the front porch, with his second favorite frozen concoction in hand, I was greeted with a grin and "I've got this figured out."  Sometimes in life, we do need to chill and take a step back from what's got us puzzled.  A little space and time are often all that's needed to give us a different perspective and a new way of seeing a problem.  There are definitely times for slogging it out and pushing through.  For me, though, stepping back gives me fresh eyes and I can see new ways of tackling the struggle at hand.  So, for something that's got you stumped, maybe all you need is time..and a little slush monkey.

Come back next week, for...The Rest of the Story

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